Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweeeeet Caroliiiiiiine.....

You're meant to be singing that. Did you understand that?

OK, so while we were visiting Boston, the Elders broke curfew and went to the Neil 
Diamond concert at Fenway.
There was alcohol involved, so driving was out of the question.

She doesn't know the word 'hurst', but I know what she was thinking.

It wasn't quite the image my mind conjured up when they said "limo"!

Not quite what they thought, either!

He IS bringing us to see Neil Diamond, right????

We've got supplies, who cares where we go!

They said the concert was amazing. Neil Diamond rocks. 
Be home by midnight! (They weren't)
No drinking in public! (God only knows)
No flashing! (We can only hope)

Me and the kids stayed home with Uncle Michael and ate stuffed calamari in the gravy with linguine. We left at 3:30 in the morning, so it had to be an early night, for me. (It still wasn't.)

A funny story:
Michael had an appointment and left for a while. The gravy and calamari was all cooked and on the stove in Auntie Ro's. We saw The Elders off in the 'Limo', and then The Things went to bed.
I went next door and stole the gravy, washed all the pans, and hid the 2 tupperware containers at my Mother's! Meanwhile, while I was in Auntie Ro's kitchen, I swore, swore! I heard the patio door open. I figured Michael was going to sneak up on me and scare me. I hid next to the stairs to get the jump on him when he came up to 'get' me. I waited one minute, then two, then three...what the heck? It was totally silent. I got all creeped out, thinking of my kids next door, and the bottom door wide open, them alone on the third floor...
I beat feet out of there.
Flew back to my Mother's, locked myself in, checked every freakin' closet and under the beds, checked the kids....
Then I hid the gravy. I put one container on the stove, turned water on to boil the macaroni, and ran upstairs to shower.
I was up there about 10 minutes.
I came down to the gravy being gone, the stove shut off, and the pan in the sink. Michael.
(If he reaaaaallly wanted to get me, he should have just taken the gravy! I would have been confused for about 3 minutes before I figured out that it was him, but as soon as I saw the pan off the stove, I knew it was him!)
So we ate, we laughed about it, I watched it get later and later and my precious sleep-time get shorter and shorter...and finally I went to bed.

I got up an hour later to get some stuffy nose medicine on the kitchen windowsill(I had a cold), and Michael scared the crap out of me, standing out in the middle of the yard, near the pool, in the semi-dark!
"What the *(*& are you doing!"
"I was watching tv down here, he says, and I swear to God, swear -to-God, I heard the patio door open! I thought it was you trying to scare me."

I didn't tell him it had happened to me earlier. He'll never sleep again.
Though it would have been funny to see him hurdle those bushes between him and the door like an Olypiad. 

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  1. Love it - Love it - Love it
    You did it Riss - You totally captured the moment ....
    I love you xo
    Auntie Kissy xo