Monday, July 11, 2011

Sesame Streetwalkers

Sesame StreetWalkers*.

It's not funny, but the youth of America, the VeryYoung among us who walk around proudly displaying tramp stamps on their derriers and subjecting us to views of their thongs, are breeding, as it is their right to do. (Could somebody please inform them, however, that low-rise jeans are NOT maternity pants, and they were not created to wear under the post-pregnant jelly-belly? Please? Because, ewwwww.)

And that's fine.
The world expects, and hopes that they will breed, for their children (and mine) are the world's future.
That expectation comes with caveats, however.
We, the world, expect those children to be raised.
Directed, led, shown the way, taught, fed....loved.
And dressed.

Toddlers and Tweens do not need low-rise jeans.
Heels have no place on a four year old.

Sex sells, but geeeez!

I don't see kids looking like this at the beaches WE go to.

I don't feel that my daughter (or nieces) have any need for these items.

I dread Halloween each year, because I will NOT dress my kid as a 10 year old hooker.

My daughter is 10, and that creates some problems.

Firstly, she is smart. She is independent. She is a free-thinker.
(Is that clapping I hear?? Thank you! Yes, we've worked hard to promote all of those things, and on behalf of The Big Guy, I speak for us both when I accept your praise (while blushing modestly, of course) and look upon her with great pride. In return I wish all of you Parents the willpower and stamina to do the same for your own children. Good Luck, it's the hardest thing you'll ever do!)

Those traits, while awesome and admirable and invaluable, make for some battles.
Take shopping, for example.

Thing One is ten. She knows what 'dressing appropriately' means, thanks to our many women friends, her teachers, and the people we play with.
She also is aware of 'inappropriate dress', thanks to websites like People of Walmart, and the multitudes of young women who insist on squeezing a perfectly acceptable size 14 or 16 figure into some very unacceptable size 7 jeans. The 'leftover' mass of flesh covered by a too-tight t-shirt or tank top has caused my naive 10 year old to roll her eyes in public many times over.

I know she 'gets it' when she brings a pair of jeans out of the dressing room(without even modeling them for me) with an emphatic. "No way, Mom! My butt is out! I'm not walking around like that!"
No, indeed.

Fortunately, there are other like-minded people out there. People who work  to undo the negativity being spread.

Here are some of my favorites, and I'd LOVE to hear of more!

People who:

Promote healthy sexuality

 and positive self-esteem

and spreads the word to put companies on notice for their BAD MARKETING PRACTICES.

What else is out there? Who else is taking the time to re-direct their kids attention away from Bratz and other sexually orientated 'toys' and clothing?

*And who else is picturing Prarie Dawn strutting around in daisy dukes and glitter boots and a sequined,padded push up bra???