Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Slumber Party







Hairstyling and nails and funny faces, topped off with yoga.
Then an ice cream run. Yes, in pajamas. Yes, even in Boston.
All except Papa, that is.
Don't want you all gettin' ideas.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been enchanted.




By this:


It seems I CAN knit lace!

All it took was some mesmerizing blue silk with beads and some wooden needles.

I can't put this down.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evil Eye

...perfected by a cat.


I wouldn't sleep in the same room with this animal.
He knows too much.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Put The Lime In The Coconut...

Here's the thing about running a business; your time is not your own.

Like, when you have a large order to fill on the day you come home from vacation, you can't just say, 'I'll get to it tomorrow'.
You'll get to it today. Regardless of what else you thought you were going to do.

It makes for some interesting events. It also separates the men from the boys.
I love it.

Like, when your car is full of $2000 worth of groceries, and you can't take the afternoon necessary to put it all away. So you just use the stuff from the car.
You must be thick-skinned, though, to absorb those looks from the neighbors who are watching you measure flour into your mixing bowl from a 50 LB bag in the back of your van.
I love the memories I'm making for my kids.

You've got to laugh at that crap, or you'll go insane.

You crank up the ipod to some crazy music, put the kids somewhere safe, and put your head down and work.
But fate is fickle, or God has a sense of humor, or the Devil hangs out in my kitchen...because the speaker remote has this little button which causes the last song played to repeat over and over and over. And this button is very close to the volume button.

And That Day, the day I was so busy, and couldn't unload my car, I hit that button.

Put the lime in the coconut...

...and drink 'em both up....

over and over and over.

Now, the first time, I laughed like a crazylady, and danced around to it. (How can you NOT dance around to that song???)

By the third time, it weren't funny anymore.

By the tenth time I was throwing measuring cups across the room in an attempt to knock the ipod off the speakers.

After that I gave up, washed the mess off my hands (I was kneading dough at the time and hadn't wanted to stop), and shut it off.

I just plugged in my ipod to make a new playlist.
Guess what came on?

I haven't heard the last of this, either...
through the window, I can see my kids and 3 extras, dancing around and singing it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prettiest Day Ever

Early in the morning:


Later that afternoon:


And later that night:


(That red light is Bass Harbor Light.)

What a gorgeous day!

At one point we were driving across Trenton Bridge. On my right was this gorgeous fading sunset, the sky a light reddish pink over Blue Hill Bay...and on my left was Frenchman's Bay, with a denim blue sky and the faint full moon.

It was so amazing, I will never forget it.

And then we rode the boat home under that bright full moon.
There wasn't a ripple on the water.
And all was right with the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

18 years and counting

We have attended the Blue Hill Fair, in Blue Hill, Maine for 18 years in a row.

That's almost embarrassing. What's really embarrassing is that we still love it.

They have sheep. And we all know how I feel about sheep.

They have goats. And I love them, too.


And cows, and pigs, and chickens and turkeys...and llamas!


Take me home.

Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
(Quick- name the TV show!)


Double Trouble. They were awful hard to walk away from.
In fact, I didn't. I played with them for long, long time.


These two were picking out names. For 6 goats.
That's a lotta poop, 6 goats. I don't care how small they are.

There was some new stuff at the fair this year.

I suppose we all have to think about it eventually...but at the fair??
And what the heck is he smiling about?

Of course, I found the fiber section right away. This has gotten really sparse the last few years. There were no vendors at all this year, only the llama guy.

He had 2 and 4oz skeins of beautiful undyed llama wool, which found their way into a bag in my hand with no help from me, whatsoever.
Though I may have heard the words, " Go distract your Father" emanate from my mouth.
It's all a fibery, blurry haze.

The llama Dude tried to get me to take a garbage bag of fur home.


But I couldn't hide a bag that size, and had to walk away.

The Things decided they were old enough for Big Kid rides this year.
I did not agree, but I lost the vote. We are a democratic family. I liked the Monarchy better, where I had the last word.

They went on the bumper cars. I could handle that.


He could barely reach the pedals, but he LOVED this!


She could reach the pedals just fine, and was kicking butt.

Then she decided she HAD to go on the ferris wheel.


He was all, 'I don't know....'
She was armed with her very best bribes and threats.


...praying for a way out of this....


Checking out what he's really getting himself into...


"Um, I don't think this is a very good idea..."

"Oh, c'mon! I'll be your best frieeeeeend!"


Desperately thinking of a way out...

But she wasn't hearing any of it.
Notice her hand at his back...gently urging him forward....


Wait, I was so caught up watching their exchange that I forgot my babies were about to be lofted many, many feet high in the air!
Hey! Ride Guy! I've changed my mind!
I didn't vote for this! And I'm the Queen!

the look

This is a close up of their faces in the last picture.
look at him, all resigned to certain death.
Look at her.
Aren't I supposed to have a few more years before I get that face???
Isn't that a face a teenager makes at her Mom?

How can I be getting that face already??


Oh crap, there they go.


Oh Dear God. That's very high.

Is that thing swinging? Is it supposed to swing?
I didn't see the other ones swing!

And then I noticed this hose.

This hose, which was leaking.
Drip. Drip. Drip.

That got The Big Guy's attention. He looked over the hose from where we stood. Said it was a hydraulic hose.
Is that bad? Don't they need that? Why is it there if they don't need it? They wouldn't put it there if it wasn't necessary. That means it's necessary! And it's leaking!
My kids are up there.

He decided it didn't matter, as the kids completed their first round. They went around 3 or 4 more times. I couldn't focus to take any more pictures.

And after they put me through all that torture, the little buggers got off the ferris wheel, declared it lame, and went back on the bumper cars.

This is why I drink wine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And so it begins again...


The Things love it, which helps.

They were up and roaring at 7am, plenty of time for them to be out the door by 7:45.
(Any more time, and they get into toys, and end up late!)


She's wearing the dress Bradley won in the raffle at the
August Dinner, here on the island.
Bradley didn't figure he'd get much use of it, and gifted it to Thing One.
We have prizes for him, for being so generous, which we will surprise him with this afternoon.

First Grade.

Third Grade.

She wants to know when she can start having coffee in the mornings.
I said what any normal Mother says, "When you're 35, same year you may start dating."


Nuthin' but trouble, here.

Here's the whole crew:

Look at all our boys. Look how clean- cut and neat they are.
I love our kids. We have the best kids.

Fourteen kids, 2 teachers.
They are going to have a blast this year.


Including this little doll. She just needed a second cup of coffee this morning.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wishful thinking

I can't spin.
I'm spin-challenged.

I haven't thrown myself into this whole hog, so I won't give up just yet...
but it ain't looking good for me.

But I know some of you can spin. I've seen it. It's awesome, and it makes me really really want to be able to do it too.
(So, really, my obsession with spinning is all your fault. It makes me feel better to have somebody else to blame for my faults. I was born in the sixties. The late sixties. Almost the seventies. Sort of. But I'm 29.)

And you will be able to partake of her lovely llama fur, and make great things, and then show them to me.
And I'll be happy, and a bit jealous at the same time.

But I'll also be inspired to sit with that cussed spindle yet again to see if I can make anything come off it that even vaguely resembles yarn.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just when I think I've seen it all...

along comes this gem.

I'm sorry; this would just put my husband over the edge.

He had all he could stand with the 'milking machine', aka an electric breast pump. (With hands-free attachment. Use with AA cups only. Definitely not G. Trust me.)

and no, that is not a typo.
You can stop laughing now, thanks.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Glitz and Glam

Bead purists would probably call it cheating....


But I do not care.

I'm having flashbacks to my glitzy Boston days. It was the 80's. Sequins and beads were big.
As was our hair.

I had to put it away before I got drool all over it. And then I took it out again.

I may not have remembered which site I saw it on when I told you about it...but when it came time to order it, I was spot on!

That's the Tilli Tomas from Kpixie. I am in love.

I know exactly what it is going to be.
It agrees wholeheartedly.

I have dug my claws into summer, and refuse to let it go.

Because I really like a challenge.

My determination is manifesting itself in color choice.

Here's a little something I started yesterday.

Huh, what do you know? Same blue.

This sucker is flying off my needles. I know! When's the last time you heard me say THAT??

But I'm very nearly done with the front, and when I find the camera card, I'll show you.

Just Because

Because we can.

Because we should.

Because 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and that number is way, way too damn high...

Because it could be you.

(That link is to my friend Zonda's blog. She's a fellow lunatic X-ray Tech, and she's a cancer survivor, and she's doing the Relay For Life Walk, and she's funny as all get-out, and a great knitter, and I really, really want her to reach her goal amount for this walk. I'm counting on you.
Your boobs and bods are on the line, too.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acts of Kindness

I love it, just LOVE it when I get goodies in the mail!!


I am a Bag Junkie.

It's what you become when you can't fit into size 6 clothes.
That, or a Shoe Junkie. ( I live on an island. I wear flip flops, and boots. That's it.)


I love everything about this bag; the colors, the size, the shape- the handles!

The lining!

But what I love the absolute most?
It was made just for me, by Gail From Kansas!
You remember Gail, don't you? She won the Coveted Yarn contest?

She is such a sweetie!

And look, there's more:


It's already been through the wash twice...and I think of Gail every time I pick it up.

Thank You, Gail, from the bottom of my heart.
People like you restore my faith in humanity. Mostly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beginner's luck?

These were taken today by my 8 year old.

With my crappy camera, that I hate.
Which hates me back.
Which I can't get a decent picture with.

thing one 9-1-09

She's 8.

Did I mention she's 8?

And that this is the first time I've let her loose with the camera?

I hate that camera.

p.s. That last one, on the right? She turned the camera on herself for that one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can I have fries with that?

You know you live on an island when you get to the mainland and your kids ask for munchkins at every drive thru window they see.

I love my bank.

And she's so used to hearing their pleas for munchkins, she keeps a supply of treats for them handy.

Did I mention I love my bank?

Now if only I can get her to send out coffee with my receipts....