Tuesday, September 23, 2008




and deer...baby deer...

Here's what I did this weekend. Look, you can see the floor! Now comes the tricky part...when they start asking for the stuff that filled 2 garbage bags that is now noticeably absent....

and just because I always say they don't pay attention...my daughter made me a fast pass...you know, for when I drive around the 1 mile of road on the island, so I don't have to stop to pay tolls. 
she even 'laminated' it (covered it with tape).

How cool is that?

Classics from the weekend:

1. Upon viewing his clean room for the first time Sunday afternoon, Thing Two said, "Well. I guess we can't play in HERE anymore!".    ah, they know me so well...

2. We watched the movie 'Toy Story" while the Big Guy stalked another deer. At the end of the movie, the bully kid who destroys every toy he comes in contact with gets the crap scared out of him when the toys come to life. I snuck a peek at Thing Two who was wide-eyed. (uhoh...)
After the movie I hustled them off to their respective beds. I brought him in to his room first and instructed Miss Thing to go upstairs on her own. Instead, she followed us into his room, shut the light off and said, "I hope you've been nice to your tooooooooys......I hope they don't come to life tonight........
Took me 15 minutes to convince him it was just a movie. And she's grounded.


  1. OMG. That's hilarious. It's a big sister's perogative to scare the other Thing. It's universal law, actually.

  2. LOL that is so funny about Thing Two and Thing One. I can understand why she is grounded.
    Now about that tomato pizza, can you post me a slice! I love tomatoes (even if I do have a slight allergy to them sometimes...lol) That pizza looks so good.
    Did the Big Guy do well at hunting? Do you eat the deer meat or just for fun, or am I totally reading this wrong???
    I wonder how much it would cost to visit. I think hubby and I would love the place, and so would Miles! I am sure that there is a lot of fun with the children on the island. I have finally gotten William asleep. So I dont have to think about him for the next hour or so. I hope I can watch the Footy (rugby league) in peace without him crying out for me. He isnt due for another feed until around 11pm, but I know he likes a little top-up around 8-8.30pm.
    Well Miles is here now, so cant continue. Looking forward to reading some more.