Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bunch of 'Firsts'

First of all, is that even a word, 'firsts'?

Oh, well.

Hey, look...First Day Of School!

Apparently, it is no longer 'cool' to smile in pictures. Make a note.

And another 'first', for the Frenchboro Elementary School...the School Board has unanimously approved Full-Day Kindergarten. 

He said, "Just like in the real world?".
Yeah, Buddy, just like that.

They won't actually go all day for a little bit, the teachers will give us a date for that to begin. (It's the least I can do, after sort of foisting this upon them after they've begun the school year! )

And so my reign of self-punishment has ended!
The handbook is accepted as a workable copy, cross that off the to-do list,
The Kindergarteners will be given the leg up they need to succeed in the world,
And school is in session!

To celebrate, I cast on a sock...with this delicious BFL from the Yarn Pirate!
I was in a bad mood when I cast on for these. See my stitch markers? Dawn made them for me, in letters A through F. Guess why I picked those two, and what they stand for??
I'll take my comic relief anywhere I can find it.


  1. ROFLMAO on those stitch markers. :) What a clever way to work out your frustrations and get your point across in the most subtle way. And the socks are looking pretty. :)

    Love the kids "back to school" picture. So cute!

  2. Marissa,
    I CANNOT believe how grown up they look. Teressa looks beautiful!
    Give them hugs-n-kisses from Auntie Kissy & study hard!
    xo love youuuuu'ssssssss xo