Monday, September 8, 2008

Life on a small island

Chris and Emmie Sawyer held a dinner last night to raise money for THE HAUNTED HAYRIDE!

The hayride will take place the weekend before Halloween, and will blow last year's ride OUT OF THE WATER. Why? Because they raised $680.00, that's why!!

We take our Halloween very, very seriously around here.

I may even try to take some pictures this year, but I warn you, my camera sucks in anything but bright light.

This week should be a vacation compared to last (I hope!). Nothing huge on the horizon for a bit. Time to make up the Christmas list, so I can obsess over something!

Still plodding along on Stacie's Sox. Hope she isn't looking for them anytime soon!!!
Keeping the vulgar stitch markers on the needles. Kinda like a secret joke.

This yarn, it must be said, is not brown/blue. The colors are not photographing correctly, in 482 shots. It is actually a sage green with the light and dark blue. It's awesome.

There will be another post later today, with a link to a new friend's contest. I need some time to put it all together. Check back later!

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  1. One of our friends, Dan, always says that whenever he sees a pregnant lady, he can't help but think "I know what she's been doing!". Thanks for your comment! It made me laugh!! Can't wait for the Hallowe'en pictures! I was just thinking about Hallowe'en and getting decorations for our new home.