Friday, September 5, 2008

Running With Dye

Like 'Running With Scissors".

Remember this?


Remember how I said the dye was coming off on my hands? Well, I washed it with a SHOUT! Color catcher, and it definitely caught some color! 

I don't want to wash this thing 482 times, and she wants to wear this over a white t-shirt dress to school. It won't be white by the end of the day!

So, I Googled around (what he hell did I ever do before Google?) and found this. It's supposed to set the dye, for good. Vinegar will not work on cotton, so I read. 
A bargain at only $3.49. Plus $9.00 for shipping! What do they pack this stuff in, bricks?
But I may have to just bite the bullet, as our weather is not going to stay decent for much longer and she won't get to wear this until next July or August, assuming it still fits!
Wish me luck! This could end up a whole 'nother color by the time I'm through!!

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