Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Stretch

I'm down to the toes!! And can't wait to get these socks off the needles...I have yarn wound, and a pattern ready to go for the next pair.

We had shore leave Wednesday and Thursday this week, so not much knitting took place, but there was apple picking, and doctor's appointments, and a fab dinner (mmm, ribs at Texas Roadhouse), and lots and lots of shopping!

But we are home, and the weekend promises to be miserable with some hurricane or other battering the coast. The kids went out and picked up ALL of their toys outside (we once had a plastic shovel crack a window in a severe wind storm). I think I'm going to cut off the sunflowers for drying; if this storm turns out to be what they are claiming we will probably lose the rest of the garden and the sunflowers.
It's called 'batting down the hatches'!

But the crappy weather means more knitting time, right??


  1. How was your storm? We were teased with a storm, and got nothing! It is getting really hot over here! We are getting our gardens ready, and hopefully by the time hubby's parents arrive, I will have a garden, and some fresh veges! Our young mulberry tree is loaded with fruit already and we cant wait to be able to pick them!
    Did you finish those socks?
    William is 5 weeks old!!!!

  2. Hey Marissa,
    I missing you today! Please post your blog and let me know your ok after the hurricane. I was just watching the news!
    You're pizza looks fabulous --
    I love the story about Theressa and toy story "Classic" --
    miss you so much
    come home soon!
    Auntie Kissy xoxo