Sunday, August 31, 2008

Self Imposed Punishment

Now, I thought this would make me feel all...honorable. Chaste. Pure.


Since I've failed miserably to accommodate our wonderful new teachers in their transition to our school by not finishing the paperwork goals I'd set, I have decreed that there will be NO KNITTING until those goals are met.
I'm such an ass.

I've been stomping around like a 2 year old who has been denied dessert, and still not accomplishing much of anything.

But we did take the kids to the Fair.
We go to this really small event every year, The Blue Hill Fair, in Blue Hill, Maine. It's sort of lost it's appeal for me over the years, as we've attended 16 years in a row, and only the last 7 of them with kids (the significance of this being that we now have to endure those ridiculous rides).
This year, I was especially keen to see who was there for vendors (yarn vendors, I mean) and to hopefully see some spinning in action.
There was one vendor. Cosy Cat Farm, from right around where I live, in Southwest Harbor, Maine. (I can't get that link to work, either! Must not be running any longer.)
There was quite a bit of handspun, and a wheel for sale, but no spinning happening.
Ah well. It befit my self imposed punishment, and it was a beautiful day. We played with the animals all afternoon, and tried to talk The Big Guy into buying a lamb. He's having no part of it, on the grounds that I just evicted our half-dead 20 year old cat from the house because she refuses to learn to use the toilet. (I'm done with kitty litter. Just done.)
I don't know why I want a small sheep creature; I just do. 
I think I said the same of babies, once upon a time. Maybe I should re-think this idea!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the fair:


  1. We went to the fair yesterday too...the boy in the front cart of the dragon rollar coaster is in my son's class! Did you see the twin baby cows? Too cute!

  2. The kids are getting so big and so grown up ... I wish they could stay little forever!
    miss you & love you
    Auntie Kissy xoo