Sunday, September 14, 2008

All kinds of fun!

Hey, it's Fall! Want to know how I know this?

Grocery Delivery starts up this week!

Yes, it's that time. Orders need to be in by noon Monday, and pickup will be at the noon boat on  Thursday.

I, who have been borrowing toilet paper and milk for a week now, am thrilled!!

Also, my friends at Coveted Yarn are having a ginormous sale!  And I do mean ginormous! (I'm scrambling to make up my Xmas gift list so I can stock up....)

Stacie's Sox are in a timeout. They enticed me to pick them up Friday afternoon after a large glass of wine, and somehow that 2x2 rib was off by 2. So now it has a double seed stitch stripe about an inch wide. &$#^!!!!!
I'll probably rip back tonight and try to make up for lost time. Endlesssssss ribbinggggggg!

For today, though...some catching up in the kitchen. 
1. I have 2 thigh-sized zucchini (yikes) just begging to be shredded and baked into breads.
2. The kids want chicken- broccoli- ziti for dinner. (Love this, and we have it all the time, but I can't help think of it as 'funeral food'. You Italians know what I mean. That and the trays of eggplant.) (Ahhhhgh, now I'm dying for the chicken with the vinegar!!!)
3. I have a  giant meatloaf to bake off for Tuesday (I have a meeting that will prevent me from cooking and must do it ahead of time). (I no longer want this. I want the chicken with the vinegar.)
4. I am experiencing an intense craving for pumpkin whoopie pies (drool!).(umm, and the aforementioned chicken...)
5. The Big Guy has decreed that there will be meat gravy  tomorrow. (We like to let him think he actually has some say in what goes on around here once in a while. It keeps him quiet. But I am the Queen of this Kingdom.)

We are thinking of an island- wide pizza party this weekend. I kind of hope the weather is like today, rainy and crappy. Watch, it'll be nice out and nobody will be around. Always the way!

Hmmm, better than this though!!!


  1. Do you have the recipe for the chicken w/ the vinegar? I am going to email cousin Louie, Stephen said he knows how to make it -- OH, plz send me the recipe for the pumpkin whoopie pies!
    I just purchased a pumpkin pie yankee candle and it smells sooooo good!
    I miss you & wish we were cooking together today!
    Kissy xo

  2. I've never had the chicken with the vinegar....I need the recipe now so I can try it.

  3. Mmmmm, you are making me hungry. :) And FINALLY, someone else who calls it "gravy: instead of "sauce" (or worse yet, "pasta sauce")!!!