Saturday, September 6, 2008

Passed the Test!

Yesterday I had the State's food inspector come out to the island to inspect my kitchen. I bleached the place from bow to stern (as usual), but this time hit places even I don't usually think of. Like under the countertops. And the inside of every cabinet. And the inside of the trashcan. It was exhausting, but it looks awesome.
And I got my food license. I am now approved to sell, barter, or trade, any and all baked goods I create in my kitchen! Huzzah! (just kidding on the barter or trade thing.I'm sure the State wants sales tax on everything!)

We celebrated last night with a pizza party. Also celebrated finishing the first week of school.

As it is a particularly crappy, rainy, windy,thank-god-i-can-stay-home-in-pj's-and-eat-chocolate-kinda day, I will share this with you. 

And then I will proceed to hang out at home, in jammies, and knit socks, and eat chocolate.

Tonight we will celebrate the hunt, as The Big Guy shot a deer this morning with a bow, on the first day of Bow Season. No pictures will be shown. He grabbed the kids, in their jammies, to track it. Took my kids about 5 minutes to find it. (They aren't rookies at this!)
Mmmm, liver and onions, tonight!

Off to knit socks.


  1. Hurrah - congrats on passing and getting your license!! Awesome. :) Yeah, it's a great day to hang in jammies and knit here too. I think I may just go change back into those jammies now. :) Hope you are having a fun day!

  2. Marissa,
    I am going to call you in a bit -- I had the funniest dream of all of us ... I didn't want the dream to end and woke up at 11:30 this morning! You were a classic --
    I miss you
    Kissy xo

  3. venison liver and onions my hubby is salivating on the sofa, he hasn't had that since the last time he was in Maine for shotgun season back in 1981! congrats on the license, can't wait to see what you turn out!