Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ok, Kyle...

we're ready for ya.

It is now 7:30pm, Sunday evening. There is not a breath of wind out there.
I know this will change in a few hours, but it's hard not to be cocky and cavalier about the weather when the forecasters are soooo wrong, sooo often. (And they get so freakin' excited about bad weather! It's a little creepy!)

But, we did the smart thing; got gas ready for the generator, filled water jugs to have on hand, did all the laundry, bathed the kids early, etc. We lose power out here if half the island has beans for dinner, so a power outage is a given.

Now I'm winding yarn!!!

Stacie's socks are finished. I will take a final pic before they go in the mail...but I think I'll have plenty of time for that... we probably won't have a mail boat tomorrow.
A weather buoy out in the Gulf of Maine (that's as specific as the news was) recorded 36 foot seas. My stomach lurched just hearing that number.

Here's our forecast.
small craft should stay in port.  Ya think?

The amazing thing is, we had 'the storm of the century' back in December of 2000- just 2 months before Thing One tried to make her arrival. I have some of it on video. It was wild!!!
We lost many, many trees, power was out for days. One of those trees came down on our house, and one on the shop. No damage to speak of, but it scared the crap out of me.
Know what they called that, with wind speeds clocked at 90+ mph? 
A winter storm.
Apparently, if it happens before December it wins hurricane status, after that it's a storm. (Courtesy of Chris Ewing, circa 2000)What do you wanna bet an insurance company had something to do with that categorization?

So, I may be AWOL for a few days, but I'll be here with my gas stove and lights, and a generator to run the freezers and such. Long as the roof stays on, we're good to go!

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