Sunday, September 21, 2008

Danger of Frost

     That's what the news says, "Danger of Frost". In caps. I have some stuff still out there, hanging on....a few almost red tomatoes, probably a grocery bag full of small green ones, one ginormous zucchini (The Big Guy thinks he's the dog from Wallace and Grommit, grooming this huge zucchini...), more cukes, and yellow squash.

     I spit coffee all over my computer when I saw this, and I know better than to even show it to The Big Guy for fear he'll call the guys with the white jackets, but I MUST SHARE.
All I'm sayin' is you have to be very confident with your sanity to pull something like that off.

     So, a few nights ago, I thought I saw something across the street. I thought it was a light. So I looked closer, and was lots of lights! That whole house was lit up like a Christmas tree. Which is wierd, because my friend Scott used to live there, and Scott is gone (sniff). Haven't heard from him, either. 
Dude, where are you????
I was so concerned that I went to bed. I knew I'd hear all about it the next day. It's inevitable, around here!
    True to form, the next day I was told that a new sternman was here for the fall, and was staying in the house across the street from me. 

     Turns out, I never even had time to wonder if he was a decent sort. The kid didn't last 24 hours! (Which probably means he was a good kid; it's always the problems who stay!)

And there you have it: The Shortest Sternman's Stay On The Island.

And all I can think is: What's he know that I don't?

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