Monday, March 31, 2008

The Maine DOT giveth...

...and the Maine DOT taketh away.

      We lost our Monday Gott boat. It's very upsetting. We are considering holding a memorial service. The reason, we are told, is that the State has exhausted its DOT budget. You know, because it snowed.
     Umm, is this not Maine? Seriously? The snow took you by surprise? Just what kind of idiots are we talking about here...because, I'm sorry, you have to be a really special kind of idiot to have not suspected there could possibly be a lot of snow during the winter somewhere in the State of Maine. And, you know, budget for its removal accordingly.
     So, whatever. We'll survive without another trip. What a way to run a business, though!

     The good news, in my house anyway, is this:

I DID get the house cleaned out.

I feel sooo much better now.

So, here was the cause of my distress, in a nutshell:

that's FIVE garbage bags of 'stuff that was cluttering my house and my life' that I am happy to part with.

These bags will be living in the back of my van, driving around the island until I (potentially) get off during April vacation. Think I can keep the kids from reclaiming their toys until then?
Wish me luck!

And look what I found in the back of a closet! It needs a tassel on the hood, and a button at the neck, but then it's headed off to Patrice. This sucker  weighs about 15 pounds more than she does, but it'll keep her warm while watching her brother's hockey games and practices.


wow, try not to look so excited

I finished this last fall, and promptly forgot about it.
Btw, seed stitch sucks even on size 11 needles.
Back to my sock!

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