Sunday, March 9, 2008

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

No, I do not have an Aunt named Em; I am, of course, reciting a line from the infamous Wizard of Oz. And the reason for this is the Wind (winds like these must be capitalized) and Buckets o' Rain. I swear to God I thought my bedroom window was going to blow in last night. It didn't.

The ferry was rumored to have cancelled, but it came. I'm glad I wasn't on it; I'll bet it was a helluva ride.
 Damage reports this morning included one washed out road at the head of the cove and one washed out walkway to the library. There were multiple cave-
ins where the roads meet the harbor, big ugly chunks of missing banks that washed away. It's almost painful to look at, all this mud and downed trees, everything is so dirty and dull and dead. I need Spring.
     And it's coming! We changed the clocks last night, losing precious knitting time. It's not clear how the hour that was lost ends up being off my knitting time, yet just is.
     Pretty soon there will be buds, and daffodils, and....deer eating them. You know it's Spring when you see me fly out of my house in pajamas waving a cast iron frying pan at the deer eating my "fill in the blank with any plant variety that deer are not supposed to like to eat, or are poisonous to deer but they eat it anyway". Hardy stock, our deer. I've seen them nibble foxgloves! 'Course they're all inbred and weigh an average of 85 pounds. I'm trying to train this 20 year old, half dead, fat, lazy cat to attack them (at least scare them off), but she uses all her energy to draw breath.

I've recently realized that in every picture I've taken of this cat in the last 5 years she's been asleep. Isn't she cute, she's the best cat ever!

In knitting news:     
I'm plogging away at wicked, getting there...getting there...
But I got bored with all that bored, and so sick of that particular WIP that I decided to knit a dishcloth to take my mind off it. I ended up playing around with-gasp-a crochet hook (haven't done THAT in a 8 years...) and making the cutest and most functional....well, I'll show ya tomorrow. Hope for sun so my pics will come out!

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