Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it Spring?

Yesterday we endured snow, ice, and rain. High winds and higher seas caused the ferry to cancel. No mail. Then the rain came down in buckets and washed it all away, leaving us with this mess.
I grew up just outside of Boston, and what I thought was mud turned out to be plain old dirt. I met real mud when I got married and moved to Maine. Our first house was in the woods, with a 'dirt road' for a driveway. It was so bad one Spring that I threw down some old boards I dug out of the barn and 'walked the plank' to go from car to house. I never wore a white uniform to work, it wouldn't have stood a chance.(and the blue scrubs didn't fare much better.)
When we moved out here to the island, I thought those days were behind me. Why? It's still Maine. There's still dirt. But it wasn't the woods anymore; we had actual neighbors, and that sidetracked me. 
We moved here in November. The ground was frozen,. We had just had a Nor'easter and there was a foot of snow on the ground. I went through the whole of the winter with nary a thought of mud. ...Aaand then one day, I stepped out the front door and into the driveway....and sank ankle deep into mud. It was like quicksand, and for one quick moment I was a little panicked that I was just going to keep on sinking up to my neck (oh, the drama) but I did that high-stepping maneuver you do in that situation and only lost a shoe. Seriously, I had to dig it out with a garden trowel. And that is why, people, when you come to our island, you will see men, women, and children of all ages wearing fishing boots from March until July. That is mud season out here, and the day you don't wear your boots is the day you step into a sinkhole and lose a shoe. Maine is just not a patent leather Mary Jane's kinda place, I guess.
These tire tracks are the moat that has to be traversed to get to the post office. It is all befitting my plan to be Queen. 

On to some knitting! I have ripped out 'wicked' again. 
Yup, you heard me right. I do believe this is the 5th re-knit on this sweater. My latest rip was not a construction issue, but a color issue. I didn't like the stripes, and re-designed the stripe pattern. I almost broke down and took a pic to show you. But I didn't.

Instead, check out what a beautiful Spring day it was!

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