Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stormy Weather

     You're meant to be singing that, but I don't know how to show it in words.

We are indeed in the middle of yet another doozy of a storm. No snow, thank God, but the wind is what gets us out here on the island. We got mail today, by the grace of God, and Paul, who brings the mail in his boat from Swans Island. I know he had a helluva ride, but he's a man, and makes like he enjoys it like the rest of them. Meanwhile, I had palpitations just thinking of him out there.
    If it keeps up like this we won't be seeing the ferry boat tomorrow. 
    I only hope we don't lose power. I am an electricity junkie. Can't be without it. Me without bright light, running water and a flushable toilet is not a pretty sight.

    I have no knitting progress to show for today. I have spent the entire evening weeding through the 84 blogs I follow, every last one of them knit related. I had to do a little Spring Cleaning there, too, and cut it back to 66. It's still pretty unreasonable, isn't it! 

     Tomorrow is my early day at the Post Office, which means lots of knitting time in the afternoon. Possibly a finished sock by tomorrow night?? (Don't hold your breath...)

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