Tuesday, March 18, 2008


     You know, when there are only 40 people in your world (at least that you see every day), the walls tend to close in a little. And while that can make us fiercely protective of each other, it also makes us want to kill each other on a pretty regular basis.
Fortunately, this has never actually happened.
But if fishing doesn't pick up pretty soon around here, we might have a problem.

I haven't been off this island since February 21st
     That is not a long time for me, by a longshot (I once did a 4 month 1 week stretch), but I was ready to go last week (the 12th) and couldn't get a babysitter for the post office.

It's time.

must look at pretty yarn...

Ohhhh, Koigu....

Is this the coolest yarn photo you ever saw? An ad for knit Picks, you should immediately go to their website and buy something just for the sheer genius of this ad. Plus, they have amazing wonderful stuff.

S%*&. I haven't been off this island in 10 years, 3 months, and 23 days. What the hell is she complaining about?

Ahem, this would be Al, losing it during a one week stint on the island, during fabulous weather, in the middle of August. In her defense, we may have grossly underestimated how much wine to bring with us that particular trip. If memory serves, this would have been taken mid-week, as can be confirmed by the fact that she is still smiling.

Well, I feel better now. I may take some of my frustrations out on the preparation of next year's school budget.

Pay cuts all around!

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