Friday, March 7, 2008

What a wasted day!

It started out bad, and just got worse. Now, remember, compared to the very terrible things that can happen in the world this is not even gonna make the charts. But it's my life, and if I say it stunk, then it stunk.

I totally forgot that there would be a make up ferry trip this morning, the consequence of which is that somebody has to get the mail on and off the ferry. Umm, that would be me. So the post office hours change to 8-11. Now, it's not as if I would have slept any later than 7, but I most assuredly would have gone to bed before 3:30 had I realized I had to be up, dressed, and coherent by 7am!
Not a good start to the day. I know I made a phone call at 7am, and have absolutely no recollection of what was said either by me or to me. Sorry, LJ
     But it all got done; mail was sent off, incoming mail was sorted, and all was right with the world. I went home, intending to do the usual Friday routine of cooking and cleaning, and was so tired that I really accomplished nothing. I felt like my clothes dryer, which is not fully functioning right now, and took four hours to dry a load of clothes. How's my electric bill going to be next month?
     I'm watching "Pride and Prejudice" right now. Don't I wish I had the grace and control Elizabeth portrays when she essentially tells creepy cousin Mr. Collins to pack sand. Classic.

     Not a single stitch was knitted today. I'm playing with Excel to chart out the stripes for that @#$^^&% sweater. I can't wait to get that OFF MY NEEDLES! I sketched out a fisherman's guernsey yesterday, and I can't wait to get moving on that!

Holy Crow! The day has just been salvaged! At 11:43, yet! 
     It's official, Frenchboro will now be enjoying an additional round trip ferry trip on Mondays, courtesy of my very favorite Captain, Kim Strauss. This is HUGE news for us!
There will be dancing in the streets! 

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