Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crazy Days

We had Hollywood snow today. That's when the snow only sticks to the grass and trees and looks pretty, but leaves the road bare for easy traveling. It was very convenient. But I didn't photograph it. I am done with the snow and will not give it the satisfaction of my interest any further.

The school kids finished out their week of March Madness. I will share some of these pics with you.

Monday was Beach Day.

Tuesday was Crazy Hat Day.
Wednesday was Dressy Day
Thursday was Pajama Day.
Friday was Crazy Hair Day.
           Yup, pretty strong argument for homeschooling.

Thing One designed her crazy hair herself.

She was so proud.

     I never touched a set of needles today. I've been consumed with school board 'Stuff", yes in caps. I don't know what I'm more resentful of, the fact that I'm going to spend an entire weekend dealing with this stuff, or the fact that it's keeping me from knitting.
Either way it's not fair!

     I did find another little bag to show. It's the felted bracelet bag from Crazy Aunt Purl's original recipe, done in Boku yarn from Patternworks. I like to felt, have done some mittens, but this was the first bag I felted. I did two of these (because I could) but one was for Thing One's birthday and I can't remember which. She'll use that opportunity to keep both.


Aren't they cool??

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