Thursday, March 13, 2008

A word on politics

     OK, what is up with these politico-wives "standing by their man" when they fall from grace? I'm no feminist, but c'mon! And why do they all look like Stepford wives (all shell-shocked and stoned) while their husbands are giving their resignation speeches? Is it a money thing? When Billy Bob did it to Hillary, I just assumed he had something terrible over her head (entirely likely and plausible) and blackmailed her into submission, but that can't be the case for every one of the wives, can it? That would be really sad. What is this world coming to! All I can think is, what the hell message does that send to our daughters? When I grew up it was "you can be anything you want, education first, build confidence, believe in yourself", and here are these smart, successful women ROLE MODELS standing there like idiots.

I  just don't get it.
I'm just going to knit.

     So, speaking of women, and breasts (because women have them), I found these great little bags on somebody's blog. I'm still working on the link thing (and I haven't really had time to look into it yet, so it's not that I'm really that dumb- or at least, that remains to be seen), but when I figure it out I will post the link to Laurie's Bracelet Bag, as promised, as well as this one from Knotty Generation/aka/Pam Gillette.
Here is my version.
Check out the handles -one is much shorter than the other; the longer one feeds through the short making a very tight closure, and only one nice thick loop to fit over your wrist!

The designer adapted this pattern from a Lion Brand pattern (I have not seen the original), but I believe she said she only "borrowed" the handle design. She 'invented' this because she needed a small bag to carry her cell phone and keys during a Walk For The Cure. I love the whole idea!

I have decided to make lots and lots of these bags to promote the Walk For The Cure program, and sell them (in accordance with copyright laws, natch), and donate the money raised to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.(Because, you know, I have breasts, as do lots of my family and friends, and I want there to be a cure...just in case. Plus I'm a Mammographer so I am a strong supporter of breast health. One out of nine women, people! Think about it!)
But they should be pink, don't you think?!?
and then there were two!

and three! (Ummm, these pictures did not look so blurry when I took them. You might want to lay off the wine while reading my blog.)

I did three of these last night. Plus, I did this:

Wow, even blurrier. Seriously, you may want to check out Betty Ford. I could post the link for you when I figure it out, I'm sure they have a website. Maybe Lindsey will be there!

     This is the original bag I played with the other night, the one with the kiddie plastic bangle bracelets. Except I knitted two I-cord handles instead of the bangles. Much better for a cough thirty-something year old woman (with fabulous breasts) to carry.
Shut up Michele.

     I was interviewed by our local channel WABI 5  news today, regarding the grocery delivery system I coordinated. I was witty and wise, and didn't swear once! It wasn't until we were finished and I got in my car that I realized I had my black sunglasses on for the entire interview. Oh my God, I'm sure I looked like Snoop Dogg with the inappropriate shades! Hi, I'm stoned and can't take my glasses off 'cuz everyone will see how f'd up I am. Word.
Lovely, can't wait to see that on tv.
     On the bright side, the tv crew lined up all the school kids to do their "goodnight from...'fill in the blank with the name of the town they are filming from'". Thing One and Thing Two somehow ended up standing in front of the rest of the kids- Thing one holding the microphone! You should have seen her face, she was so stoked! The reporter had to pull the mike away from her when they were done; it was a riot.
     Then they lined up a second group of kids to say the same line, and Thing Two JUMPED into the picture at the last minute, again in the front row, and did  "Goodnight from Frenchboro!"  again with this devilish grin on his face.
Yup, he's just like his Father.

Off to work on 'Wicked'...I'm almost out of the mid color yarn, an unwelcome surprise. This totally wrecks my plan. Honestly, I think I'm just going to knit with whatever color I pick up until I run out of it, then move on to the next until it's gone, etc.
Planning it out just makes more work, and still comes to naught.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with your readers! I've made over 50 of those little buggers, 90% of them pink, and I give them away at the Race for the Cure walk in Minnesota.
    Pam Gillette from Knotty Generation