Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frenchboro's Talent Show, 2008

Tonight was the annual Talent Show, and it was the usual success. There was singing and dancing, a wonderful piano concerto, a gymnastics exhibition, a guitar solo, and a 'live ventriloquist'.

Everybody did a great job; it was hilarious fun!
I did not participate as I have no talent except knitting, (does eating count?) and unless you are a speed knitter, nobody wants to see you up on stage....knitting. I considered a 'knit fashion show' featuring some of my past projects, but as they are all baby knits and we only have one baby on the island...and she can't walk yet...
well, we needed audience members, too.

progress on the Hot Socks, finished the heel.

...same shot, without sunshine. Looks like crap, doesn't it? My camera just will not show the true colors of this yarn. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my picture taking abilities.

     I woke up this morning to the cold realization that while I was knitting, every horizontal surface in my house got covered with 'stuff'. I looked around my bedroom as I came to, and had to spend 20 minutes clearing surfaces in there BEFORE COFFEE.
    When I came downstairs, I saw that it had happened there as well. Umm, in fact, it was everywhere I looked. I had 4 cups of coffee in quick succession, turned the heel on that sock, and ripped apart my entire house.
     My kids are totally traumatized by the ravaging of the toy room. They can list the  name of the person who gave them every toy they own, and list 40 separate and distinct reasons NOT to part with each and every toy. We got rid of tons of stuff when they weren't looking. It's the only way.
    If I didn't think it would make me take off on the ferry tomorrow, I would have taken a picture of the devastation.
    Worst news, only 2 rooms got put back together. I have all day tomorrow to finish, then back to work all week. My sock won't be seeing any attention tomorrow, for sure!
(Mother Nature isn't helping matters any either, we got 4 inches of wet slushy snow Friday, the day I had planned to empty the mudroom of all thing snow-related. I'm so sick of tripping over hats, gloves, (even if they are the hand-knit ones) and boots! coats! Bring on the flip-flops!
   If I don't post tomorrow night with a picture of a clutter- free sparkling house, send help!
And bring wine!

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