Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank You

...for all of your wonderful suggestions for dinner.

Because I am limited to what is actually in the fridge/freezer/cupboards, I ended up with sausage, peppers, mushroom, fresh basil/ marinara pizza on a sun-dried tomato and olive crust. (I can't remember if that one had pepperoni on it, too.) 
Pizza won out because Thing Two requested it 'specially. Too freakin' cute to turn down.
And seafood chowder. and biscuits. Because it was that kind o' day.

This afternoon, I had the bright idea of moving a 50lb bag of flour into a large bin. 
Guess what!!!
The bin, which says, very clearly, that it will hold 50 lbs of flour, DOESN"T!
Who wants to guess how I found that out?

Answer: my once-wood floors now look whitewashed.

Whitewashed is a good term to describe the convo I had with the company who made the bin.
And I'll just bet that whitewashed is what their faces looked like when I was done with them.
They will send the appropriate container. Free shipping.
But they won't send a person over to clean my floor. (That's ok, I would have done it over when they left anyway..)

You all had me drooling over your suggestions. And Linda, of steak and cheese fame? The Big Guy thanks you from the bottom of his heart. Our version will be made with deer steaks, because that's all the meat we have, and it's one of his favorite things. It's on the menu for Friday night. With fresh baked rolls.

Tomorrow the school is  throwing an island wide dinner for our art teacher, Anne Claude Cotty. Anne Claude travels out to the island once a month and stays overnight to teach art classes. We love her!
I am making a special raspberry chocolate cake in her honor. I made the ganache today, and will be re-making it tomorrow. Let's just was really good.
What? Oh, don't look at me like that! If you had a bowl of ganache, you would have sat on the couch and watched reruns of the Andy Griffith Show and ate it with a spoon, too.
You know you've done it. And how awesome is the Andy Griffith Show?

It's 1:21am. I'm going to make the ganache right now, because I just realized how little time I will have tomorrow to cook. That is why God made The Big Guy and the Things deep sleepers. I could vacuum and they wouldn't get up. 
And I could go for something chocolatey...


  1. Ah, so you are aware that cake was invented only to be the vector of frosting (and/or ganache) consumption.

  2. oooooo chocolate and raspberry!!! And ganache!!! Yummy!!!!