Friday, June 26, 2009

The Offshore Store

This is Tim.


Tim has a hot date with a scrub brush tonight.

Tim has nothing to do with the Offshore Store; his hands were impressively dirty, and I felt I must share. As anybody who owns a boat will tell you, it is endless maintenance. And unless you are independently wealthy, that maintenance gets done by the owner. Most fishermen are not independently wealthy. And so their hands look like this. A lot.

This is Tammy's store.

The Offshore Store is nearing completion! (These pictures are a week old.)
the store 6-09

Should be right on schedule for opening the 4th of July weekend!

I am almost , almost done with the Birthday Present. It has become so monumental a project, that is must be capitalized.

But I've picked my next project. I have the yarn out. I have the needles ready and waiting.
I thought about swatching...just swatching! That's isn't really's only a swatch. I usually frog my swatches, shouldn't count!

But I will resist.

I will go roll 240 truffle balls instead of swatching. And if I can finish the truffles before 2am, I'm going to knit on the blasted present for an hour in an attempt to be done!!!!!


  1. 200+ truffles without getting to eat any as you go = sad
    lobster rolls = good in Number Guy's book, every time

  2. Wow, that's a lot of truffles! Hope you have a great opening! Lobster rolls...ahhh I'll have one in my hot little hands in a few days :)