Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maine Shore Trap Clean-up

We 'police' our own shoreline, here on our small island in the town of Frenchboro. During the loooong winter, we walk around the trails and the shoreline, picking up buoys and trash that wash ashore in storms. Some places are inaccessible, but easy to reach spots are are picked clean. Buoys are retuned to their rightful owners, trash is disposed of. In the spring, there is a Coastal Cleanup day we participate in, and the whole island gets a comb-thru.

Warms the cockles of my obsessive-compulsive-clean-freak heart, I tell you.

I noticed this article today.

What a wonderful way to tie lobstermen, kayakers, and local volunteers together to accomplish a cleanup!


  1. where are your cockles?

  2. Safely tucked away from the likes of you!!
    NOTE: He tries to stay anonymous, but this is Jay D., from Frenchboro. I can say anything I want to him. Most of HIS comments, however, are unpublishable.