Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School Music Program

These are a few pictures from the Frenchboro School's Music Program with Bo Newsome and Graham DeZarn. 

My kids love any excuse to get dressed up.
Some of these boys would vehemently deny it, but I know they secretly enjoy it too.
And I'm not referring to Bradley; we all know Bradley looks for any excuse to wear a tie. Or a batman costume. And his flying shoes. He's one cool dude.

That's our whole school up there, minus one.

They did a great job. How cute are they??

And look at this!!

I knew she had written a book, and that it was due soon- and there it is.

I would just like to point out that I found Amy long before she was famous, and hand-picked her to be The One Who Would Teach Me To Spin Someday. 'Course with her new-found fame she won't have time for the likes of me anymore...

But that won't stop me from buying her book, and you should do the same.

Could I BE any prouder of Boogie girl?!??

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