Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I sent my kids to school this particular morning, they were (relatively) clean, fed, and dressed.

They most definitely were in one piece.

This is how they came home:


And this is what they thought of my reaction:

Dr. Rob, a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Finn, was here to visit. He is a doctor. He brought some props in to show the kids.
They loved it.

But Thing One is confused about my former life. (I barely remember it myself.)
She told Dr. Rob that I used to be a doctor.
I have explained many times what a Radiographer is and does.

She says, "But you said you worked in the Emergency Room, too, like Dr. Rob." Yes, there are a whole bunch of us. We aren't all docs.
"But you worked in the operating room!" Yes, but I wasn't the one cutting people.
"But you worked in the baby unit!" Yes, taking x-rays of the little babies' lungs.
" But you sewed on hands that came off!" No, I took pictures of them, so that the docs could sew them back on.
And then The Big Guy inevitably chimes in with "Can't imagine how you got on with that job- you can't take a picture to save your life."

I'm not even telling her that I'm a mammographer as well. God knows what she'll tell people!!!


  1. At first I was worried they'd broken their arms! And then I wondered, hoe could they possbibly BOTH break the same arm? But stranger things have happened, right?

  2. Oh my gosh ... there is the devil in their eyes. I think they loved freakin' out Mom. LOL

    Loved his comment about taking photos.

    You apparently have some very quick-witted kids! :-)

  3. Gee, thanks, Doc!

    Kind of funny, though, if you are not the Things' mother.

  4. Oh, geez. I have a friend with twin sons that always seem to have a cast on.

  5. Don't you love how kids can ask a question... get an answer... and then follow it with yet ANOTHER question and so on and so on. It's like the song that never ends. LOL

  6. That picture of them is priceless. And yes, I meant you... I don't actually know which end is the top of the spindle either ...

  7. Hehe..for a minute I thought they were really broken. Well hopefully you won't run into someone who says loudly "oh you did my mammogram" in a restaurant...ask me how I know ;) Interesting though, the ones that have had the HSG's pretend not to know me ;)