Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June on Frenchboro

June is a foggy month.

While the mainland enjoys warm weather and sunshine, we are normally socked in with fog during this month.

I try not to pay attention to it.


It is dark and dreary.
Good for sitting on your bee-hind and knitting, though. You know, if you don't have 2 kids and 9 jobs.

And it certainly makes the trees grow. Check out all that lovely new growth on my trees!

The Things are proud of the work they've been doing. Last weekend they stacked bricks. 
These will go into the bottom of traps to give some weight.
The Things are prepping their gear to set in the water as soon as school lets out.
More on that another time...I'll need wine to talk about it, and it's rather early in the day.


I'm trying to channel the ducks' attitude towards the fog. They don't seem bothered at all.


Though I notice that they are not in the water, happily splashing.

And who can blame them? It's a good day to be settled in next to a warm wool blanket and a hot cup of tea.

And knitting lace.


  1. I like dreary days. It IS a good excuse to stay indoors. But then, I'm an indoor type of girl...as you already kinda realize by now. Just keep the tea going and enjoy the lace!

  2. I kind of like fog. Although, I DO live in one of the sunniest places on the planet, so I guess it's easy to talk.

  3. Folks around here (augusta) have been commenting on the gray and cool and rainy weather... I tell them it's no big deal, I used to live in Syracuse, which is about as sunny as Seattle... then one person started by saying she used to live on an island, and here I'm thinking some cool foggy place (Kent Island came to mind, in the Bay of Fundy, a friend was there last week), but no, Cyprus!

  4. I like these kinds of days. Of course, I don't get them often. Hoping you got a chance to knit a bit..you know in between jobs and stuff :)

  5. I don't know how you can survive in the fog! I need the sun to be happy and survive! Is it sunny there at all? What is the temperature? I just watched the Oprah special and learned about your island. I'm curious to learn more about your community. It may be sunny in southwest Minnesota the last couple of days but it is also very windy!

  6. Those foggy Maine pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - and make me long for being back up north. Someday...........