Monday, June 8, 2009

Looking for a great gift?

When I saw this on Trish's blog, I squealed with delight. 

I know, I usually do that just for food. My obsessions are expanding.
Who knows where I 'll end up?

This is the Garden Pouch.


I know. I love it too!

So I told Trish how much I love it. Twice. Maybe three times.
And I told her that I, habitual seeker of free patterns (unless I have something specific in mind), would pay for such a pattern because I loved it that much.

C'mon...small amount of yarn, very little time commitment, and a useful, practical gift?
That's got my name all over it!

Trish, probably in an attempt to keep me off her doorstep, promptly emailed me the pattern and asked me to test knit one. 
 Wow, somebody asked me to test knit a pattern. 
I still can't believe it.

True to form, I did not have the required DK cotton in the stash. (Hi, I'm Marissa. I live on a rock 8 miles out to sea. With no yarn store. My stash (while not as bad as some) The Big Guy has found my blog these last few months. My stash is tiny. Miniscule. Practically non-existent. Look away, look away!)

Back to the DK cotton. Yes, there was only worsted. But it was Tuesday. There was a boat the next day. Down to the ferry I go, to beg bribe ask one of the neighbors to pick up some DK cotton. And in my brilliance, I ask a guy. I know some guys knit. This guy does not knit. Nobody here knits. Well, Donna does, but she's only here in the summer. Sandy used to, (in fact she taught me stranded knitting long, long ago), but no longer, and she's also only here in the summer. Ann might, I think, but she doesn't talk about it, so I'm never sure. Michelle is dying to. But this guy- he doesn't even know what knitting is. I had to describe yarn.

I got another skein of worsted on Thursday afternoon. Perfect.

Big-time-deep stash diving later, I found some leftover nameless nondescript white cotton. Could have been anything. Looked too small to be worsted. 
Unable to wait another second, I cast on. Whipped through the base, whipped through the lace...stopped cold at the picot edge bind off.

I had to brace myself for the picot edge, a new one for me. Put the kids to bed, skipped the wine, shut the tv.
I needn't have bothered. I followed Trish's direction, and was done in 20 minutes. Piece of cake!

Now white would not have been my first choice of color for this project. I want multiple bright colors. But white I had, and white I used.
And look at it! Does it not scream 'elegant wedding'? 
Turns out, I love the white!

But the dozen I'm making for my patio will be multiple bright colors. It's an OCD thing.


And Trish has offered her pattern for sale in a new Etsy shop!

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Those little picots! 
Love it! 

Now, who just asked me about teacher gifts??? I believe you have your solution!

Happy Knitting!
Love, Marissa


  1. How cool is that! :) LMK iffin you are in search of colors! :)

  2. Thanks Marissa! It looks great. By the way you can use a light worsted! Trish

  3. This is really cool. Is that a mason jar in the pouch with a tea light?