Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Frenchboro Fido

This is Duke. He belongs to Jay2.

He is the.best.dog.


I love this dog. 

And I'm happy to announce that I'm turning. (The birthday gift I'm knitting, remember? I can't say too much or I'll give it away, but this is such sloooooow going, I'm very proud to get to this point. Amen.)

Tomorrow is a cooking day. My fingers are tingling.
I feel a special cake coming on...but what else?
I promised dinner to Leo (guy across the street and his construction crew who are always doing stuff for me). Any ideas??? (These guys are easy- they'll eat anything!)


  1. One of my favorite recipes is Alton Brown's stove top Mac-n-cheese. As easy as from a box, but 100 times better. It could make a great side dish.


  2. How do cheesesteak subs and homemade potato chips or fries sound for the construction crew.
    Duke is a real cutie. You can't help but fall in love with him I'm sure.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Gloria in Maryland

  3. Carnitas - Pork shoulder in the crockpot, then shred and bake to dry out. Tortillas and fixings. Of course, those might not be the easiest to find in your neck of the woods.