Friday, June 5, 2009

Frenchboro School

The school has a website, but we've noticed some ...failings.

And so The Frenchboro School Blog was born!

The kids are very excited about this (but I suspect not as much as Ms. Finn)!


  1. Contradancing! Violins! So! Much! Fun!
    If I ever move to Frenchboro - I would SO totally try get the kids into musical theatre.

  2. The school looks great...almost makes me want to go and get my teaching license (just got 1 years work to do to get the damn thing)...I love small schools, and the kids look great too. Teachers look like they are having a good time. :) Let me know if the kids want something from down under, and i will see if I can get it to them.

  3. Hi..thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment! What a life you lead out there on your island...I'm intrigued! I spent part of my childhood in a similar setting but on the west coast of Scotland.....I only have good memories of my time there!