Saturday, October 4, 2008

Show and Tell, pt 1

     I have stuff to show, and stuff to tell...but...(you knew there was a 'but', didn't you?)

It's 2am, my eyes are crossing, and I have not yet uploaded the pictures. 
So here's the Tell part of the story.

     Firstly, it has been crazy hectic here on the Rock this week. I had two employees of Mount Desert Hospital come out to the island (no small feat) to finish a Nutrition Promotion/Healthy Lifestyle grant we worked on last spring. Remember this?

Marybeth Judy and Kathy Mulligan were kind enough to stay overnight, do a class with the kids at school, and attend a dinner with a healthy recipe swap. And yeah, it was all organized in three days. (I just did the Italian elbow thing, to nobody in particular. You know the one I mean.)
It was really fun, mostly because they are really fun. (God, I wish they were knitters!)
The dinner was a huge success, very well attended, and with no shortage of food!
Thank You ladies; and I'm serious about making this an Annual Event. We are sooo all about food out here. Not very many of us drink, and if you don't drink, you eat!

I found out Monday afternoon that the only date we could coordinate all of our hectic schedules around was...this Thursday. Yikes. This might be an organizing record, even for me. It all turned out well, howver, and All Is Right With The World. Thanks to all the chefs who contributed to our wonderful meal!

Then came today (or yesterday, as it is technically after midnight, and I've been sipping wine all evening).
The school had a field trip today.
BOTH of the Things were invited.
Field trips require a boat ride.
And vehicular transport.

And, in true neurotic OCD fashion, I begged volunteered to be a chaperone. 
And I got very, very busy planning the  Nutrition grant /dinner thing.
And on Thursday afternoon I checked the marine forecast. And knew I had a big, big problem.
You see, both kids knew about the field trip. They were very excited to go. And there was no way in Heaven or Hell I was going on that boat. (No offense, Kim; you know how much I trust you!)
enter, large bottle of Woodbridge, stage left.

After much discussion, fighting, and crying (that was me), it was decided that the kids should go on the trip without me. After all, there were three teachers going as chaperones. One, for sure, is CPR trained (I was with her, so I know!), they probably all are. They are all very responsible. They all hold valid driver's licenses. I'd bet my left foot that all three of them could pass a urine test (see, these are the things I torture myself with).
But they aren't ME.

In the end I lost the argument. 
And so, my Two Little Things went off on the Gott Boat today, without me. They left at 9am.
They came back at 5:45pm.  That's all day, people!
They had a lovely time. They brought back souvenirs and stories.
They are not maimed in any way.
I may never be the same.

I spent the morning juicing apples to make apple jelly. (Lots of jelly. I have 2 bushels of apples to juice. I filled my biggest canners today, and even had to borrow another and you wanna know how many apples I got juiced? 1/2 bushel. oy. You know where I'll be all weekend.)
I spent the afternoon at Tammy's store, eating all the chocolate that wasn't nailed down, because it was too early to start in on wine. Kay came down and hung out with us, too. (I should've brought the wine!)

Then I was attacked by the World's Biggest Spider. Pictures to show the horror of this monster tomorrow.

I also washed Thing One's Crocheted Cover-up with the dye set. Pictures of that tomorrow.

Ah yes, and I un-knit the last 2 inches of my latest project. Yes, un-knit. As in tinked back.
Because wine +lace knitting= disaster, no matter how you look at it.

Ugh, the kids will be up in four hours. I gotta get some sleep. 
fingers crossed they sleep in tomorrow...

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  1. Ok you dont like boats in choppy water (I understand that!) I dontlike deep water out in the sea...I have a morbid fear of sharks, and things that can eat me, bite me, and kill me. Glad to hear that the kids came back in one piece and had a great day. How do you make Apple Jelly!!! Never heard of it but I like apples and I like jelly, do you make it?
    Miles is good, he has taken to climbing the fence to visit the neighbours kids, they are something like 7, 4, 2.5 years old. So they all get on well together. I just wish he would ask me first before climbing over the fence. William is bloated and sleeping at the moment. It has been really hot here today.