Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nutrition Class

The Sunbeam brought out my favorite Dietitian today, Marybeth Judy, from MDI Hospital, and also Kathy Mulligan who is an exercise instructor there. They were awesome! We had a great time talking about general nutrition, and cooking veggies in new and exciting ways...well, at least with new and exciting spices. Many thanks to Sharon Daley, nurse aboard the Sunbeam and Telemedicine Facilitator, and Marybeth and Kathy. We'll be doing another round in a month or so, with a potluck to try out a slew of new recipes, and talk more about strength training and exercise. Can't wait!! The girls will be staying overnight next time, so we'll have the entire evening. So Cool!

I got to meet one of Sharon's daughters today, Krista. (hope I spelled that right, I'm totally guessing.) She is in her early twenties, is beautiful, and get this: she flies planes. Airplanes. Big Ones. (yikes. I won't even get ON one.) 

Kathy brought out Dance Dance Revolution for the kids to try out, and they had a blast! Here are some pics from today.

all the rest of the DDR pics turned out to be videos, which makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
This is Kathy, slaving away in the kitchen; she made some awesome stuff!
I won't name names here, to protect the innocent...but let's just say that chickie on the left is the one who dropped in on me when my house was a total disaster and caused me to stay up half the night doing some emergency cleaning...haha!

And more pics of my tulips, looking better than ever. Pretty soon these will go by, and I will have to force myself not to cut down all those dying, messy stems. Which is why I'm obsessively taking pictures of them in their prime...I'll need something to sustain me when they look like crap. One year (the first year I planted bulbs) I couldn't take it, and mowed 'em all down. Yup.

 (For those of you who are unaware of the significance of that blunder...apparently, when you cut off a bulb while it's 'green', it doesn't come back. It has to die off completely, and then it regenerates the next year. oops.) 

The following fall, I had to replant. I think the total was 300 bulbs. I've never seen the hyacinths or snowdrops, but the crocuses and tulips come up. Oh, I also gave myself a concussion while planting them the second time, stood up fast and whacked my head on an iron windowbox. It was last seen floating out of the harbor....and the neighbors still talk about the string of profanity heard across the harbor...


(Oh my god, I just noticed all the weeds!)

I remembered to take the 'after' shots of the patio. 

That fat cat better not be clawing up those screens. We'll close the rest of the wall in around the windows when we can get off the rock to go to HOME DEPOT. NOT LOWE"S. I've decided I'm not a Lowe's fan....which is unfortunate, because that means Home Depot is probably going to go out of's my curse; I did  it to HomeQuarters years ago...when I said I wasn't a fan of Home Depot...
This is a really bad picture of a really bad paint job. The whole thing was not meant to be.
But it will work as a margarita stand!!!

Check out the awesome clock my sister game me for my birthday.

Love it.

I want to thank all my fellow Ravellers for visiting this month, it was greatly appreciated!
I've been working on that *&&^*)_) bracelet...which I've ripped out and re-designed no less than 482 times. Now I need some wire for the next step, and I have 3 more ideas.
I can't wait to get this out of my system...I have so many cool things in my queue to do!

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  1. Hi Marissa!
    Love your Blog-- Your pictures are great -- Love the flowers and your sun room!
    Miss you and can't wait for you to come HOME xooxox for the summer!
    Talk to you soon
    Give kisses to the Kids --
    Auntie "KISSY" XOXO