Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Boys Are Back!

With the camera!

But the battery is dead, so it will need the night to charge. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be sunny tomorrow for some half decent pictures. fingers crossed.

They saw lots of moose, but nothing they could shoot at, and so came home moose-less. They seem to have had a good time anyway.
We've already emptied the truck and done most of the laundry. woo-hoo!

Thing One, who was left out of this trip, was appeased when her Daddy came home with a present for her. (I was concerned....they were 10 days in the woods, at camp, with no electricity or running water, or stores. I had visions of the present being a dead porcupine....did I mention that when I went to vacuum Thing Two's room the day they left I found a squirrel tail?? Actually, I think it fell out of the laundry I'd just put away. UGH!)
Happily, the gift(s) were a new folder for her artwork and a pack of sugarless gum-a rare treat in our house. 

Can't wait too see and hear all the Rhinebeck goodies floating around tomorrow!

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  1. Wow cant wait to see some photos. Sounds like they had a lot of fun together. Not sure about that tail thing, but I have found a lizard in my washing machine after emptying it, not a happy site, but atleast it wasnt a snake.