Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Charts!

After a couple of requests spanning something like 3 months, I got right on it and posted the patterns (well, charts) for my little lobsters and a chain border...there they are on the right.

I have a lot more, I'll keep adding links as I get them in the computer.
Ahem, one of them is written on a napkin! (I think we were in a restaurant...)

One other request was for the 'wave chart' I used in the Under The Sea sweater. That wave was adapted from a hat pattern in Knitty called "Swell". I only used the top half of the wave. I adjusted it to the number of stitches available in Ann Norling's top-down raglan sweater pattern.
Thanks Kimmie Kemper!


  1. Just went over to the linked site, and it is fantastic!!! (even Jeff was hot!!!) I really love the hat. I might have to make that cap! Just once I have worked how to do that kind of knitting.