Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Neccessities

I have an average of 2 good hair days a week.

So, I wear headbands and clips and ponytails A LOT.

I made this a while back, but couldn't show it because it was a gift for Berny in Italy. (Stuff takes forever to get over there!!)
But now I can divulge all the gory details.

That's BFL from the Yarn Pirate, left over from Stacie's socks. I had a lot of that left over.
This is crocheted, and it was pretty quick. When you see the picture in  the pattern it will look entirely different (better); it's written for 2 colors of yarn. I just used the one variegated.
I like mine, because I loved this yarn, but I love the green and purple in the pattern. I will be doing more of these!

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  1. 2 good hair days a week? Lucky you! Sometimes I feel like I only have 2 per month!! :)