Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where there's a will....

...there's a way.

The Big Guy left for hunting camp for 10 days...
...with my son and my camera.

I had no idea I would miss my camera so much.

However, I am nothing if not industrious. I've been knitting and cleaning and cleaning and knitting. 
Now how am I going to show you the wonderful things I've created with no camera???
And then: Divine Intervention in the form of Ravelry.
A  genius posted in the forums last night, passing on some very, very useful information. 
Photobooth.  Well, Duh! Why didn't I think of that?

I've worked my tail off on the mystery sock, and last night (or early this morning depending how you look at it), I finished the 8th repeat of clue#2.

The reason for having to work my tail off? I ordered yarn specifically for this project. In my brilliant-ness, I waited until 3 days after clue#1 was released to order, and though it came in the mail lickety-split, I was waaay behind. In the meantime, I knit that cuff in about 6 different yarns. I wish I'd taken pictures of them all! You've never seen such ugly knitting!!

 I have a lot (oh, 'scuse me, that really should say 'A LOT') of sock yarn.
 I know there are many of you out there who have way, way more than I, but I'm usually pretty good about buying only what I'll use up. And I'm a slow knitter, so it isn't going to move really fast in this house. 
And of the 15 or 16 skeins of sock yarn...not a one of them isn't variegated. Apparently, I am all about the wild and crazy self striping yarns.
So I had to (HAD TO) order some semi-solid.
And I've been itching to order from Beth, the lovely lady of The Jewell's Handmade.
(I want one of her son's swifts, too!)
This is celery (and that brown-ness you see should be just a lighter green; best I could do with Photobooth). 

Photo 8
very hard to hold still in front of a laptop.

I'm done at the 8th repeat, because if I go to 12 like Kirsten wants, I will have knee socks. Well, maybe not quite...but they will be way too high up the leg. I did these on my trusty size 1 Addi lace tips, and they are HUGE. This is my first 'patterned' leg, but I'm a fairly tight knitter and did not expect such a loose fabric. Anyone else doing these? (Seriously, there's got to be one of the 1126 people in this group who visits here!!)
This pattern is addictive! I had to force myself to stop at 8 repeats, I probably could have/should have stopped at 6.
But I put them down, and as Saturday Night Live was still on and I was still wide awake, I cast on some Christmas knitting. Which I can't show you. Yet. But it's awesome.

...And...remember this?
'course you do, I only just showed it to you!

Photo 7
It winds up to look like this...

(I was a little worried. You know how you sometimes love, love, love how it looks in a hank, and then you wind it, and you're all...hmmmm, and then you swatch it,'s just not the same? I was worried.)
Photo 9
Pardon the sun-glare, but it was important to get the color accurate.
I will be playing with this until the wee hours......


  1. Well, yes, I visit here, and knit the TTL mystery socks too. But I'll be very slow, I'm still knitting gifts for my trip, but the socks are next. Only have the cuffs ready. I'll be doing the cabled version. :o)

  2. Wow I love the swatch and those socks! Great job on them.
    I am sure that the house must sound a little quiet with the boys away hunting. Cant wait to see the photos Thing Two takes with your beloved camera!