Friday, October 10, 2008

International Happiness

Happiness is:

    coming home from work to this:

Oh, all that yummy European chocolate! And Italian coffee!
Thank you so much, Berny! Why does it taste better just knowing it came from Italy?

I'm so hiding this from everybody in the house! Super-sneaky hiding skills: activate!
(sorry, we watched an old Power-Puff Girls cartoon the other day, and I've been saying stuff like that ever since.)

Incense! Perfect! My boys (46 and 5 years old, respectively) seem to be having trouble lately with...aim. I will put the incense to good use in the bathroom, so the girls (who have no such difficulty) can enjoy going into that room.
I've given up washing the floor every time either of them goes in there. Once in the morning and once at night. Even Alice didn't have to follow the Brady kids into the bathroom! 
But it does smell exactly like the Orient Heights T stop.

Just look at those colors. I can't stop looking at them. I took a picture, and made a screensaver for my computer. Does that NOT say love?

I am winding it right now, and it still looks good. It's going to be fingerless mittens (got quite an obsession going with these) and a hat. FOR ME. Don't any of you get any ideas. 


  1. Can Kissy have the Baci's? My favorite???????
    Miss youuusssssssss xoxoxoxo

  2. those chocolates look lovely...very very delicious! Just like that yarn!!! Cant wait to see your new hat and fingerless mittens!