Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to our regular programming...

I managed to accomplish a few things while my boys were away.

(Man, they are a lot of work! I hardly would know Thing One was here; she does everything for herself. The 5 yr old and the 46 yr old...that's another story.)

I did this:

That's an un-scarf, like the un-cola. Remember those old 7-up commercials? Whose voice was that?? Remember, it was a big laugh-Ah-hahahahaha. 
hmmm. that'll keep me up all night.
The fingerless mitts to match. Not that I need the matchy-matchy, but I reeeeeally love this yarn. I even have more left over. I don't now what else I can do with it, so I will hold it and pet it for a while and see if it wants to become something else.
Plus, it's freakin' cold here! Came on quick! I wear these all the time; even in the house...but I'll tell you about that tomorrow...

Here's the Mystery Sock, with clue # 3 done (the heel). 
I'm a little bummed out that it was this heel, the eye of partridge heel. It's the only one I know! I was hoping for a different style, so I could learn something new. 
But there's something to be said for doing clue #3 on both socks in less than an hour!!


I'm off to look at clue #4, which was posted at noon today.
Maybe the toe will be something new. 
how many ways are there to do a toe, anyway?


  1. Hi Riss - sitting here with Auntie Ro - Michael cooked for my birthday -- you would have died so oooooooo - yummy!
    I will send you the pictures. (threw his gloves away) he was freaking out! surprised?
    Anyway, hope that scarf is for me!!!!

  2. love the new photo as your header, your knitting is awesome and uncola nut guy was Geoffrey Holder

  3. Yup, I remember the un-cola! Love the new knits. I've been dying to make myself a cowl / mitts set. After all, it's COLD and our furnace is broken. Bbbrrr. If it weren't for some dead-line knitting I'd be casting a cowl on now. :)