Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Show (part 2)

Here are the Things pre-field trip:

Is he just a little happy to be going on his first field trip?

I stayed home and dealt with this mess. This is the first 1/2 bushel. I was on the phone when the big canner came to a boil, and it gushed over the top of the pan,all over the stove. Then I had the pan on low for about 4 hours baking all that sticky apple goodness onto the burners. By the time I'm done with all this jelly, I'm going to need more drip pans. Did you hear that, Santa?

This is the juicing process. Takes forever, and the wine is a requirement.

Almost done. There's the juice in the big barrel on the left.

Then I washed that crocheted cover up with the dye set. It said wash vigorously for 20 minutes. I should have known better, but it came out ok.

The colors are fine, but the cotton no longer has that crisp new look. It's a bit faded, which I'll take over the alternative which is bleeding all over everything it comes near. But the yarn itself looks a bit worn. You know how denim gets softer and worn looking as it gets washed repeatedly? That's how this looks. It's drying; I'll post pictures when it's done (maybe tonight).

So this stuff really worked! I only used about 2 teaspoons, so I guess I'll have it forever.

And here's the monster that gave me nightmares last night.
This sucker was a full 2 and a half inches long! If it had been ON me, I'd have had a heart attack and died on the spot.


Between the Monster-Spider, the egg the other day, and the solo- field trip, I've had a fun week!


  1. FYI. That is a grass spider. How do I know? My kids keep extra, extra large ones as "pets" in a bug jar. We feed it crickets.

    I take pre-field trip photos too. Just in case they need a current photo to go along with the Amber Alert. I do!!

  2. Good idea about taking the photos before field-trips, I will have to remember that before Miles heads off on his first trip.
    I dont like spiders either!
    The Apple Jelly process seems like an all day cooking event.

  3. OMG. We have lots of spiders in our house now too and if I saw one that big, I'd move.