Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Arrested Development"

My friend Scott is leaving the island in a few days.

 I'm in my usual state of complete denial. 

Having Scott live right across the street was almost like training for having a teenager. He lives completely independently from me, but I found myself checking to see if/when he had eaten, if his lights were still on when I went to bed (2, 3am), if he had food in the house. 
He is a joy to feed, as well. Eats everything I put in front of him. I LOVE that!
I'm not sure he always appreciated the extra attention, but he's a good sport, and never threw things at me, as I suspect my own teenagers will.

I think I may become Marie Barone in my later years. I can't wait to be a Mother-in- Law!

Scott even brought me lunch at the Post Office today; the most incredible tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich...and he toasted the bread. I almost cried.

 He also brought me the first three seasons of the show "Arrested Development" on DVD. I just watched the first 8 episodes, and I'm hooked! It's very, very funny; another reminder of why I will miss Scott so much...we have exactly the same(warped) sense of humor.

He is leaving a piece of himself behind, so I'll have something to remember him by. But I am sworn to secrecy until after he leaves the island....and nobody is 'with child' (what is wrong with you people, this is a nice boy, here!!).

I have  finished another 6 rows of the beach coverup. Miss Thing will have to try it on in the a.m., I need to see it on her to decide how many more rows to do. I'm close, very close!!
We are heading off tomorrow for a 'weekend'. Our weekends are Wednesday to Thursday, because that's when the ferry runs. We are off to Rockland for some family time, to stay in a hotel with a pool so Thing Two can show his Dad how he learned to swim. (fingers crossed that he will actually DO IT!)

I'm agonizing over which project(s) to take with me. There'll be lots of car knitting time, and I'm sooo close to being done with the beach cover-up...
But what if I finish it? Then I have to have something else. That means bringing 2 projects....and the cover-up is sort of bulky. Like a sweater. Too hot to carry around. I'm leaning toward leaving that home, and bringing the square cake bag. But, eh...it's not doing it for me right now.
Socks. I really want to bring socks. Dare I start another project when I've got two going???
And the Ravelympics so close to hand?? umm, still haven't decided on a project for this. I have sooo much to choose from! And really, for me the challenge is not how hard the pattern is, but can I actually finish it in 17 days? Now that's a challenge!!!

I have a little bit of time in the morning to make the decision.

And in the back of my mind is this sneaky little plan of heading to my lys to find something entirely new and exciting to knit poolside...and maybe a new project for the Ravelympics....


  1. Scott sounds like a great kid and a good sport! I'm sure he'll miss you as much as you'll miss him.

    Yes, you need to start a new pair of socks!!! And sneak off to the LYS too!!

  2. I'm sorry your losing your friend.

    Enjoy the festivities this weekend! I answered your comment before reading your blog, so I didn't know you had so much planned. Have a great time.