Friday, August 1, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Chris and Emmie's Wedding! The event of the Millenium! We are so excited! I made a vat of fish chowder for the rehearsal dinner, which took place tonight. Hopefully all went well. What horrible weather we had today; it rained buckets! Praying for dryness tomorrow, if not sun.

Our 'weekend' off was wonderful. The Big Guy got his traps, Thing Two got shoes for the wedding, and I got (what else) yarn! I just received my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting from Amazon and immediately started a secret project. Now don't anybody go looking into this book to see what it might be!!
The kids swam in the pool all afternoon and evening (no floaties! we are officially swimming now, woo-hoo! I was afraid he would backslide..)then we retreated to the hotel room for some pizza and a movie. It turned into a late night, which sort of didn't work with the early morning wake-up. They slept in this morning, I can tell you!

We've got a very full weekend planned, what with the Post Office Saturday morning, the Wedding in the afternoon, and the after-party at my house in the evening. (You knew there'd be more food and drinks at my house later, right?)
On Sunday, the Ellsworth YMCA is joining us for a baseball game and cookout. Somebody please remind me that I need to cook something to bring to that, will ya?
Monday is a Goodbye party for my friend Scott (I'm still in total denial, but I'm not one to ever pass up a party...)
Wednesday there is a meeting at the Mount Desert High School regarding the Consolidation of Admin offices. School Board stuff. Ugh.
Saturday is the Annual Frenchboro Lobster Festival. I will be at the Post Office in the morning, and then passing out Stamps By Mail Order forms during the festival.(This increases our sales dramatically, and makes for good relations with the real USPS!) It's a fun time; good food, great raffles, face painting and games for the kids, etc. All proceeds benefit our one and only church, the Long Island Congregational Church. I'm Catholic, but this is our church. God doesn't seem to mind!
Note to self: don't forget to make the 10 pies you promised on Friday night. Do not go to bed until they are done.

We leave for Boston again the next day. Dentist appointments, done. Up next, Doctor appointments. Both kiddos get shots this year! (They've already been forewarned.)
They also have a week of camp coming up, which I am really excited about. They need to get out in the world....we live in a really closed environment, which has it's pros and cons.
Eh, like everything, I guess.

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