Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally, sun!

The kids and I are officially on vacation! 

We struck out yesterday on the very full ferry, and had a pleasant ride to the mainland. Accomplished a bunch of errands, and then the Gremlins struck.
You can't have it all, you know?
First, it was hotter than the armpit of hell on the mainland. I worried the entire trip that the van (not-so-new) would overheat on the highway and we'd be stranded in the 93' heat. Me, and three kids. Even with a full knitting bag, it would NOT have been good!
 Thankfully, it didn't happen, but my heart went out to the few motorists I passed in that predicament. I always call the Staties when I see somebody on the side of the road with their car hood up. I've been there! (Back before cell phones, it reeeaaally sucked.)
We tried to hook up the Dvd  player in the car, but it wouldn't power up. We only use it on the drive to Boston, and it worked fine on the last trip, in April. 
Went right to Radio Shack, where I latched onto the leg of a twenty-something who looked like he might have some tech-savvy, and he hooked us up with a new power cord. Gremlins rebuffed!
They got me again about 20 minutes later: one screen dimmed and wouldn't come back. Three kids crowded around one screen, but it kept them quiet and occupied, so all was well.
We hit torrential thunderstorms around Augusta, and crawled along at 25 mph for miles, like everybody else on the highway. Couldn't see a thing!
Finally, made it to Nana's at 8pm.

It was a very long day.

She met us in the driveway with the news; they'd lost power for some unknown reason at 7:30.
OMG, no air conditioning?? We threw the kids right in the pool. It was so muggy! We don't ever get this weather on the island!
Power stayed out until 4:30 this morning. I slept on her cellar floor, rolling around on the tile looking for a cold spot. When the power came back on, I sprinted up 2 flights of stairs like Flo Jo on serious juice, clamped shut all the windows in my path, and maxed out the AC. There was frost on the windows when we got out of bed this morning! (Don't tell my Father...)
It's much cooler today, not as humid. Nice cool breeze, which I'm loving! The kids have been in the pool all day.

Things have swung 180' around here. I have had to go into the shed twice, on the sly, to turn down the music! When I lived here, they used to throw things at us to keep the music down.
And how is it possible that I'm the fattest one here???
All they do is eat!!
So glad I'm here, though. Rock on, Neil Diamond!
Off to get Thing Two a haircut before Mike the Barber takes off for a long weekend, he looks like one of the Monkees....


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