Saturday, July 26, 2008

All kinds of fun

So, it took me days, but I read up all the blog posts I missed while I was away. (ok, skimmed.)

And there's a lot going on!!
There is this contest:

I love the Knit Witch Yarn Bowls!
They're on my wish list!!!

another contest at

and yet another, at my friend Grace's.
Grace asks an interesting you put down your metal knitting needles during a thunder/lightning storm?
I would have answered 'no' a few days ago, but we just had a doozy of a storm and had 2 strikes right next to our house. Thankfully, no damage.
But Swan's Island, next to us, wasn't so lucky. Their Library and Museum was struck, and burnt to the ground. Very sad. But on the bright side, nobody was hurt, and no houses were involved.
I will be putting my metal needles down from now on, I can tell you!!!

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  1. thanks so much for posting my question on your blog, I think I could really get into living where you do, since I tend to be a real homebody myself!