Saturday, July 26, 2008

catching up, part 2

When you go on vacation, you should always try to connect with your roots, and include some history. Look how I accomplished that:

Uncle Michael taught Thing One how to make homemade gnocchi.

I got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Look, in the excitement I didn't even notice how blurry this shot was.
I'm beginning to think my camera might suck. A lot of my pictures are blurry like that, and they don't look it until I upload them to Flickr. When I get some free time, I'll look into that.
Don't hold your freakin' breath.

They were phenomenal!MMMMMM, wish I had that bowl right now.
She LOVED doing it. They made calzones another night, and he made the Things pizzafrittas for breakfast one morning.

He also made me calamari gravy while I was there, and Auntie Ro saved me some pizzadolci and pizzabuena from Easter that they froze for me.  Soooo good. (I've never written these words before. I have absolutely no idea how to spell them in English. I was in high school before I found out that calzone started with a 'c'. Ha.We say 'gull-i-zone-ee', 'gull-i-mah-tee',
'pizza-gain-ah', 'pizza-tho-ja'. 'nyock-ee'.)
There was so much food around, I couldn't even eat it all.
And that's sayin' something.


But the best thing I ate all week were the sangwiches Kissy brought to the beach. Yummy moradel!!

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