Saturday, July 26, 2008

catching up, part 4

Isn't it cool when you look up at the sky and see this:

crappy picture while driving in a rest area

It looks like God is coming down. (There was just one patch of blue sky in the middle of dark black clouds.)

I don't leave the island much, but when I do I usually have a 6-7 hour drive ahead of me.
And let me, the voice of experience, tell you...this is the ONLY way to go:

We've had the 2 tv screen DVD player for a couple of years, but the headphones are a new trick. I had complete silence for over an hour. And then I put the radio on, and could hear it!!!! And nobody complained about what I was listening to!!!
And I had this to occupy me! (umm, the coffee, not the phone. Nobody I know is up at 4am who would want to hear from me. I just keep it handy because...well, you've seen the pictures of what my van looked like. Imagine breaking down and having to unpack all that crap to dig out the spare tire and jack! I keep the phone handy, and AAA paid up!)

And finally, some knitting!
Not that I've done any this week...this is all from vacation last week.
Though, now that I'm caught up, I hope to get to some!!!

First up, the crocheted cover-up, on the model...
looking kind of dumb with the halter underneath. Like the tail hanging off the back?? We've decided this should be knee-length, so she can wear it next year as well. (cough, because it might not be finished until, you know, November....)
Hey, how do you like her lobster buoy earrings? Those are The Big Guy's buoy colors. Cool, right? We know a guy who did the colors custom....
Why is it, whenever I ask her to try something on, I immediately get this pose...with the hand on the head??

Yarn Pirate yarn!!
She calls this colorway "cupcake'. 
Sure looks good enough to eat to me!

And finally, the Square Cake bag. 
This yarn...I don't know. I've got this thing right in front of me, and I can't see the pattern. It all blends in. I took about 482 pictures of it to try to show the diamond pattern up, and do you know, it showed in every single picture but not to the naked eye! 
So this bag will look lovely in photos, but in person...not so much.
Sigh, I don't know. It's not splitty. It's very shiny. It works up nice, slides off the needles just enough....and it's pretty....
but it isn't showing stitch definition. At least in person.
But it's an easy knit, and I love bags, so I'll finish it.
I'm closer to finishing Thing One's beach dress, and she wants to wear it on our next I guess that's this week's project. I should be able to get that done by the 9th of August!!

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  1. love the yarn and cupcake is a perfect name for it!!