Saturday, July 26, 2008

catching up, part 3

What, you thought this was gonna be easy? Did I not tell you recently that I was so far behind I might as well be going backwards?

Do you know that I have not yet done the payroll taxes that are due on the 31st?
Do you know how screwed I am if I don't get them in?

1. My house is finally, finally, clean.
2. My laundry is done. (though not yet put away, I'm packing a bag to go off Wed-Thursday).
3. The Post Office is caught up.
4. My swap package is sent.
5. All the food we brought back is put away
6. As of 2:30pm, this afternoon, my van is empty of vacation detritus.

Things I have learned from this vacation:
1. One of us who live and eat in this house MUST go off the island every 2 weeks to get groceries. And it ain't going to be me.
2. 5 and 7-year olds are perfectly capable of cleaning when instructed at a very, very loud tone of voice.
3. Husbands who appear to be incompetent can be trained. He did laundry and washed dishes..and-wait for it- changed the sheets on our bed (which he slept in all week and knew I wouldn't go near without a thorough bleaching)!!
4. Never, never come back from vacation and plan to work a 6 day stretch straight out of the gate. It took me a week to get us back 'home'. I could have done it in a day, maybe two, if I could have not had distractions. 
5. Never, ever make plans, or arrange your own life around things that depend on other people. 
I keep forgetting that other people do not have the same sense of obligation that I have. 
Wish I could be one of those people. It would be so much easier.

I think I can swim without my floaties now.
Yup, he could!
Uncle Michael even got him going under water and swimming across the pool.

I missed the shot, but she was working out with Uncle Michael all week, and showed him how she does sit-ups while hanging over the edge of the pool.
Except, she's supposed to do crunches, and stop at the water line, and she goes under water, and comes up for a full sit up! He thought it was a riot!

Why can't we just stay here?!?

Believe me, if I were Queen of the world....we would.

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