Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Tis the season?

We've recently experienced the death of one of our neighbors' extended family. The fellow's boat was found astray, with no sign of the sailor himself. (It goes without saying, that we offer our deepest condolences to all the family.)

Water temps are around 50 degrees.

Yesterday the Coast Guard and Marine Patrol searched all day for another sailor whose boat and skiff were found moored, but no sign of the sailor.
The search continues today.
He has two little girls...and a wife....

Also yesterday, a man was out in a skiff with his 8 yr old grandson, and went overboard. The kid couldn't haul the body weight of the man aboard, so he threw him a life ring, ran the boat in circles around his grandfather and got the attention of a passing lobsterman, who then pulled Grandpa aboard. He is doing well, thanks to the grandson's quick thinking.

These are the stuff my nightmares are made of.

Be safe out there.

edited to add: He had three little girls. I am heartsick over this news. They have called off the search. That poor family. 


  1. so sorry for all your community is going thru, how very sad!

  2. Scary. I hope all works out for the second guy. I just finished that book "Snow Falling on Cedars" and it reminds me of that.

  3. Scary times for sure, makes me hug my DH a little harder/longer before he goes out to haul...Bongo "Robert Anderson" is a good friend of ours. He actually has 3 daughters & 2 granddaughters. The story about the 8 y/o sure makes you feel good though!