Friday, May 15, 2009

Hide and Seek, anyone?

Spring on Frenchboro is tumultuous, summer-like one day, winter-like the next. It's been storming this week; thunder, lightning, rain, fog.


It's kind of cool the first few times in spring, when the fog closes in, and we can't see either of the neighbors' houses- one next door, one across the street. It feels nesty and isolated, snuggly and safe.

In short time (like, tomorrow), I will be pulling my wet, wild hair out and wishing it away...but today, it's still cool.

The reason it gets old fast?  Jean D. is on the mainland, not too awful far from here. The other day, she said, "I'm sweating! Can't hardly get my housework done! 70 degrees inside the house, 77' outside!".

It was 59 here, and wet. I think that's what gets to me the most, not just the fact that for the next month or 6 weeks we will be mired in thick, wet, briny fog, the likes of which Stephen King couldn't even imagine, but that 8 miles away it is downright summery. 
With bright hot sun.

Fingers crossed for a short Fog Season!


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