Monday, May 18, 2009

The end of an era

Our greatest condolences to Barbara, Randy, Chris, and Cory Sawyer on the passing of Barbara's Mother, Lillian.

Though she hadn't lived here for many years, she is remembered by all. Her sparkling, happy personality is a light that will be missed.

And so it has come to pass, the end of an era.
Lillian, and her sister Vivian are both gone this year. Some years earlier, we lost Rebecca Lunt. 
The three comprised the Frenchboro Trifecta.
 They were the movers and shakers in their time. The matriarchs of the island. The wives of the fishermen. The Mothers. The volunteers.

The made it all work, made it happen.

They organized the dinners, the funerals, the functions. Vivian wrote a book, and began chronicling her family's history, and the history of the island's beginnings. They collected books and pictures from 'the old days' (!) and began the Museum. Lillian and Vivian volunteered at the Museum well into their later years, until their health prevented them from summering on the island.

None will fill their shoes.

Without question, they've all three left an indelible, tangible mark on the island.
Rebecca's legendary easygoing personality,
Vivian's attention to detail and love of conversation,
Lillian's sparkle,  quick wit and good humor.

I miss them one and all.

I cannot pick up a cup of coffee without thinking of Rebecca, and how she welcomed all the fishermen into her house for coffee (at ungodly hours), every single morning, all her married life.

I cannot make cream puffs, without thinking of Dick and Vivian, and in fact, could not make them for years following Dick's passing.

And I will never pick up a deck of cards without thinking of Lillian. I wish I could remember half of the games she taught me.

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